Saturday, June 9, 2018

Screwing With The Dead

How much would you pay for a night of passion with your favorite celebrity?

After her untimely passing, the body of a world-renowned actress falls into the hands of an unscrupulous restorative artist. Using the funeral home in which he works as a den of sexual depravity, he auctions off a once in a lifetime opportunity with one of Hollywood’s most beloved starlets.

One bidder, however, has something else on his mind.

Dead Heart by Brandon Ford is a story about loving the dead, in more than one way. The author had an interesting (and rather sickening) idea, but Ford never really went anywhere with his horrifying theme. There is POV switch between characters as the dead actress exchanges hands, and I think it is a mistake. I wish the author had stayed with Carl's storyline and given him the same treatment bestowed on the bodies of the deceased...or maybe switch to Abe's POV. John Smith could have at least been a necromancer or anything other than a lovesick loser. As is, the ending is dull compared to the rest of the story.

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