Monday, July 15, 2019

Terrifying and Tragic Transformation

For as long as Darius Fischer can remember, his grandfather had an air of mystery about him, and he harbored many secrets, secrets he kept hidden from his own family. Now that the old man has passed away, Darius is free to explore those secrets and dispel the mystery surrounding the man. But what he hinds only deepens the mystery.

THE MEMOIR OF DARIUS FISCHER by Ezekiel Kincaid is Grave Marker Book 18 (Grinning Skull Press). I want to tell other readers why I love this story, but I can't -- not without revealing spoilers. I can say the grandfather is Native American, and Darius, being an atheist, should have taken his grandfather's stories more seriously. At the very least, he should've discussed his intentions with his grandmother before digging around in the loft full of secrets.

I can also tell you, Kincaid has mixed theology, mysticism, folklore and more with the precision of a master. The author delivers his demonic concoction in the form of journal entries and clinical notes, written by Darius and his psychiatrist. The personal experiences are ghastly, the observations are insightful, and the ending is both beautiful and tragic.

This is definitely making my Top 2019 list.

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