Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Crossings and Choices

BROKEN by Christopher Motz is a well-written personal drama about a man who has suffered so much personal loss in his life, he finds himself drowning in the pain. Essa tries to show him a way to survive, but he isn't having it. He's so focused on his suffering, he's forgotten what is worth living for.

I wasn't expecting anything like this from Motz, but I'm impressed nonetheless. This is the perfect example of something I once wrote in a Facebook post in 2011:

"...many peeps involved in the horror industry are not in it just for gore, nor or they dark or depressing...they just have a unique view of social commentary & appreciate detailed realism, even in the surreal; most of them are caring peeps who do a lot for their communities, & because they work in the horror genre, they appreciate their blessings, since their imaginations have seen how easily we could lose it all."

I recommend this story to everyone.

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