Thursday, February 20, 2020

What You Can't See Will Kill You

HORRORFROST by Edward Newton is definitely making my TOP 2020 list! A blizzard falls upon a resort town, some unseen force is tearing apart the buildings, and an unknown predator is hunting everyone in the neverending whiteness...not to mention the plummeting temperature. Even if they escape the monster, they will likely freeze to death, unless they can get off the mountain.

Some of the survivors look to their phones for answers. Online conspiracy theories suggest something from another world is feeding upon them. Not knowing anything specific, while random characters disappear into the air at every attack, Newton keeps his readers captive with a crippling fear. As the suspense increases with every failed attempt at escape, survival seems unlikely for anyone.

I used to fear the fog after reading The Mist by Stephen King. Now I fear the whiteouts...

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