Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Shorts With Joshua Scribner

I have recently become a fan of Joshua Scribner's short stories and flash fiction. I love his style: he dives right into the dark, lures readers in with well-crafted suspense, and leaves us gasping with unexpected endings. Here are some recommendations:

100 is a story about changes. Scribner has a real talent for writing stories with surprising twists, and 100 is no exception.

Bad Marriages is an entertaining flash fiction story about an unhappy husband, but I wish it had been longer...maybe with multiple victims, all connected in their personal lives. I love the killer in this one...completely caught me off guard.

In New World Justice, an unusual society has risen. I certainly was not expecting the supernatural angle, and I definitely haven't read anything like this, but it is more bizarro fiction than horror.

Very Short Very Wicked is only a few pages, but still an incredible flash fiction collection with some variety. The first one is my favorite!

Sometimes curiosity can be both good and bad. Come Out is only a few pages, but it is full of surprises. Just when I thought I couldn't be caught off guard, along comes Scribner.

What's Right In Front Of You is Scribner's best story to date. I read the story's description beforehand, and I was still thoroughly surprised throughout the story. Ignorance is not bliss, it's just sad. There is a level of human darkness within these pages which is far more terrifying than the undead or other supernatural creatures. Scribner delivers a mystery so thick with suspense, readers will be gasping out loud.

These stories are just a fraction of Scribner's work. He has written dozens of short stories, anthologies and novels. Horror fans short on time should definitely check out Scribner's list.

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