Friday, July 10, 2015

Do The Time, Spend The Dime

by Laura Cardinal
248 pages
$2.99 Kindle version
This was going to be  review of the ghost story I read last night, but I don't have much to say.

This story reads like a rough draft of a young adult fiction novel. The beginning is slow, almost dull, with little to no character development. The mystery of the school's apparent haunting is a great concept, but the author should have invested in a an editor to help with, well, everything. I don't think anyone with a reading level above 6th grade is going to find this particular ghost story frightening or captivating.

It had the potential to at least be something interesting, but, no such luck. I don't understand why an author would devote so much time to writing a full-length novel, only to skip out on hiring an editor - not necessarily for typos or even grammar, but mainly to help cultivate the plot into something entertaining.

If you don't think you need an editor, read Ghost...that disappointed feeling? Do you really want readers to feel that when they read your work?

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