Friday, July 3, 2015

Stormy Waters Ahead

It shouldn't be a surprise that I'm a fan of Amy Cross. I interviewed her in May after reading several of her stories. So, I got real excited when Cross released another awesome horror story called The Ferry.

An unmarked ferry that appears from time to time off the British coast has been eluding contact for years, until the night a huge storm strikes and a rescue team reaches out to the mystery vessel.

Sophie Carpenter uses the opportunity to answer the questions that have been tormented her for the past five years, after failing to rescue a family. She learns the hard way that the answers we seek are not always the answers that we want. When something washes ashore from the ferry, Sophie is pulled into nightmare that she cannot wake from.

The Ferry is basically a horror novel about a ghostly vessel that has eluded capture for generations and the two people who finally manage to get on-board, which includes Miss Carpenter.

The prologue begins five years in the past with Sophie, and it sets the tone for the rest of the story quite well. Sophie wants so badly to help people, but she often puts herself in harm's way, and eventually her risk-taking comes back to haunt her - literally. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a ghost story or a paranormal zombie outbreak, and the unpredictable nature of this story is very entertaining. The ending is an absolute shocker; I didn't see it coming at all. This would make a fantastic movie, but Hollywood will probably just make another crappy remake of The Fog.

Amy Cross is one of those horror authors that writes something for everyone, so please have a look at her work...I'm sure you'll find something to give you nightmares. ;)

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