Monday, August 31, 2015

Dunwoody Raises Hell

The 3 Egos
by David Dunwoody
277 pages
$2.99 Kindle version
Talent, once a man who made a deal with the Devil, escaped his fate and evaded Hell for thousands of years, until the day he let his guard down while searching for a dimensional door. At first glance, it seems this is just another story about a guy who regrets selling his soul, but that is only one tiny part of the story. I have been a fan of Dunwoody for years, and I think this is his best work yet. He's written a very complex novel about redemption and revenge, without overwhelming readers, and the characters are anything but typical, displaying the best and worst of human nature. Quite frankly, this is the best description of Hell that I've ever read.

When Talent is captured, I felt his pain as I read the detailed description of his mental and physical suffering. But Talent is only one piece of Dunwoody's carefully crafted puzzle. Chith is the first "ego," Talent is the second and the third is the elusive Sephus. Hallows is the Chief Inspector in Hell, Els is an angel, also Hell's High Court Chief Vicar. Lace is a werewolf - one of Hell's enforcers. Last but not least, Sue Christmas is the object of the Devil's unwanted affection, a.k.a. Suicide (aptly named as the story reveals). The way the characters interact with each other is the most compelling element of the story, but there is so much more to entertain and enthrall readers.

Satan is plotting his biggest move yet, God is missing and the Egos uncover several other secrets that have them questioning not only their own lives but also the purpose of mankind. The ending is somewhat anti-climactic...wrapped up too neatly considering the tsunami of drama and continuous battles between Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

Despite my reservations about the ending, Dunwoody continues to show his expertise as a horror author, using suspense to send his readers in to an absolute frenzy, much like the characters in his book. Well done.

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