Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday Shorts: Zombies On Parade

The Dead Walk
A Zombie Anthology
200 pages
$2.99 Kindle version
The Dead Walk is a zombie anthology full of strange stories about the undead:

THE WALKING MAN by Guy Burtenshaw features the solitary life of a man in a dystopian undead world.

SPIDERS IN FROM THE GARDEN by Jason R. Davis is a creepy combination of spiders and zombies.

AFTERLIFE DEATH by Jeremy Thompson is a story that I enjoyed due to the science fiction element with reanimation.

PLAGUE FERRY by Matthew Pedersen has a very intense zombie story with a science fiction setting.

THEY WALK THE NIGHT by Kevin A. Harris is a voodoo story.

THIRTY SECONDS by Eugene Gramelis is a sad story of betrayal and one of my favorites.

REQUIEM FOR THE LIVING by Timothy A. Wiseman has the POV of an infected.

A FLASH OF LIGHT by Stuart Conover is another favorite of mine with a unique POV of a zombie.

ZOMBI 6: SALVATION by James Park is a diatribe in the form of a letter.

SURVIVALISM by Amy Braun features a survivor trapped in a straight jacket.

SIX by Daniel DeLong is about a couple of trapped survivors trying to get a signal out.

THE SEASON by Brendan Wilhelm is one of the best stories in the collection; I wish it had been longer.

THE LE KA MASSACRE by Joseph Rubas involves a military cover-up.

ZEN AND THE ART OF BICYCLE DELIVERY by Michael Seese is funny in a twisted way.

VIRULENT by Eric Morgner is also one of the best stories, with survivors hiding from zombies in a mine; I wish this was a full-length novel.

The authors get points for originality, which is difficult in the zombie genre, but there just aren't that many stories that really popped out and grabbed me...most are just okay, but stories like Virulent and The Season make it worth reading.

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