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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Short: Road Construction Can Be A Killer

The Night Has Teeth
by Randy Speeg
18 pages
Currently FREE on Kindle
Carrie and her husband Steve are traveling to her parents house for what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday weekend. However a sudden severe thunderstorm and a very unexpected detour will lead them to somewhere else entirely and an encounter with a horror neither could have ever imagined. This is one get away that will teach them there really is...no place like home.

Steve is driving his wife Carrie to visit her family in West Virginia in a rain storm. During the drive, Carrie thinks she sees a bigfoot digging on the side of the road. Her observation and her reflections on her strange past is a great way to bring readers along for the ride. The character's thoughts build the suspense, so, by the time the action takes place, the nightmare is in full swing.

What I thought to be a predictable twist turned out to be the most unexpected ending that I've read in a long time! I hope to read more by Randy Speeg.

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