Saturday, April 28, 2018

Monkey Scratch

The green hell that is the Netherlands East Indies in 1859 is a dangerous place—but soldier of fortune Patrick "Blackie" Boyle is a dangerous man. Trapped between Malay fanatics on one side and Dayak headhunters on the other, menaced by sinister sorcery and entranced by a beautiful jungle queen, Blackie will need all his formidable skill as a fighting man to survive!

Red Shadows, Green Hell by David Hardy is a short story about a man facing a multitude of threats in an unforgiving terrain. There is a lot of description about the setting, but the characters lack any real depth. This makes it difficult to dig into the plot, and gives the impression the author is better suited for writing movie scripts, rather than a story.

Hardy's writing style is most likely to appeal to fans of the black and white adventure movies from the 1940s...maybe.

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