Sunday, April 22, 2018

Best of All Possible Worlds

Cara Sheels is a gifted scientist, and she’s discovered time-travel. She uses the invention to go into the past and to alter just one thing that should change the world, saving it from an inevitable demise.
But in Cara’s haste, she never considers what could happen if she succeeds, changing the past, changing our future. When she returns, what awaits her in the new timeline? What terrifying consequences might have brought back?

Portals by Brian Spangler is a time-travel story with a similar paradox as in The Time Machine (H.G. Wells), but Spangler creates an original approach to the problems brought up in the science fiction genre. The author also describes a variety of futures generated by Cara's efforts in the past, each one with its own devastating outcomes. I'm surprised Cara doesn't just kill herself, but I'm also wondering why the characters never seem to take the universal paradox into consideration.

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