Friday, December 14, 2018

12 Days of Keene: Day 1

All across the world, people suddenly vanish in the blink of an eye. From their cars during the rush hour commute. From the shopping malls. Their homes. Their beds. Even from the arms of their loved ones. Airline pilots. World leaders. Teachers. Parents. Children. Gone. Steve, Charlie and Frank were just trying to get home when it happened. Now they find themselves left behind, and wishing they'd disappeared, too. Trapped in the ultimate traffic jam, they watch as civilization collapses, claiming the souls of those around them. God has called his faithful home, but the invitations for Steve, Charlie and Frank got lost. Now they must set off on foot through a nightmarish post-apocalyptic landscape in search of answers. In search of God. In search of their loved ones. And in search of home.

Take the Long Way Home by Brian Keene is a novella featuring a personal POV of the Rapture. The entire storyline takes place within one night, and those left behind, with a few exceptions, waste no time turning into absolute savages. The violence goes far beyond people exploiting the breakdown of society, into pure madness. Steven is one of the few who survives the first night, but what he witnesses will certainly inflict a special kind of pain and suffering of his soul.

While this novella has the quality storytelling I've come to expect from Keene, the subject matter is sure to offend some readers, regardless of their religious/spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs. For those who do take issue, I strongly recommend they read the author's note at the end. I think Keene is more than fair with his handling of the religious aspects, without using his characters to manipulate readers into any specific mindset.

With all that said, this is a very entertaining novella, which is sure to appeal to many horror fans.

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