Monday, December 3, 2018

Far Too Basic

When Sandra catches her husband doing the unspeakable, she takes her daughter and runs away to her mother's house. But after an unexpected car crash, she's stranded in the Colorado wilderness as a blizzard approaches. Her only hope is a homeless drifter named Damon. Together, they take shelter in a little church on the hill, deep in the woods, but there is something else lurking among the trees. 
Something hungry. 
Something that is creeping closer to the little church. 
The storm rages. Dozens of stranded people take shelter in the little church on the hill. But after Damon and Sandra discover the secrets the church is hiding, it becomes a battle for survival. The only way to make it through the night is to kill, or be eaten.

Take Shelter by RC Patterson is a winter zombie outbreak, which has little to nothing to do with Christmas. The writing is rough and could benefit from a professional editor. As is, the characters lack any depth, and the action is very basic in descriptions. I think this story has a lot of potential, if the author is willing to put in more time and effort. I also thought the scene with the crazy nun were completely unnecessary.

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