Thursday, December 20, 2018

12 Days of Keene: Day 7

The classic that helped start a pop culture phenomenon - back in print and UNCUT!

Since it's 2003 debut, Brian Keene's THE RISING is one of the best-selling zombie novels of all-time. It has been translated into over a dozen languages, inspired the works of other authors and filmmakers, and has become a cultural touchstone for an entire generation of horror fans.

THE RISING is the story of Jim Thurmond, a determined father battling his way across a post-apocalyptic zombie landscape, to find his young son. Accompanied by Martin, a preacher still holding to his faith, and Frankie, a recovering heroin addict with an indomitable will to survive, Jim travels from state to state and town to town, facing an endless onslaught of undead hordes, and the evils perpetrated by his fellow man.

This brand-new, author's preferred edition, restores nearly 30,000 words of material that was cut from the original edition. These new chapters, which have never been seen by anyone before now, expand the original story, adding new depths to characters and more horrific situations.

You may think you've read THE RISING, but you haven't read it all until you read this edition!

Deadite Press is proud to present this uncut, author's preferred edition, which also includes a lengthy essay by the author about the novel's genesis and history.

THE RISING by Brian Keene is a metaphysical twist on zombies. The first time I read the original version, I didn't like the undead. I was into viral, unthinking zombies at the time Keene's novel was first released. As much as I love the author's work, several years went by before I would even consider giving the novel another chance. I'm glad I did.

The nature of the undead is bad enough, and pretty damn hopeless, but the military has also turned on the survivors, using them for slave labor and other atrocities. Sounds typical of this genre, but Keene's version of a zombie apocalypse is anything but typical. The author switches POVs as well as storylines, until several characters converge on the location where everything began, adding multiple layers and tragedies to battle mankind has no chance of winning.

Readers will get road rash of the mind trying to hold on to this savage ride with Keene and his undead nightmare. Best strap in tight.

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