Wednesday, December 19, 2018

12 Days of Keene: Day 6

For the employees of Big Bill's Home Electronics, it's just the end of another long workday-until a gunman bursts into the store and begins shooting. Now, with some of their co-workers dead, the hostages are disappearing one-by-one, and if they want to survive the night, they'll have to escape... THE CAGE.

Deadite Press is proud to make Brian Keene's hard-to-find, ultra-violent novella THE CAGE available to a wider audience. Also includes three rare bonus stories: "Marriage Causes Cancer In Rats," "Lest Ye Become," and "Waiting For Darkness"

The Cage by Brian Keene is all about the unknown. Not knowing who the stranger is, not knowing what he's doing with the electronics, not knowing what is happening to the employees when they are led, one by one, from the cage. They can't fight the unknown, they can't plan for it...Keene takes a risk keeping his readers in a holding pattern, but the risk pays off as the imagination runs wild, wondering what in the HELL is on the other side of those warehouse doors.

Marriage Cause Cancer In Rats reminds me of the stories played out in Tales of the Crypt.

Lest Ye Become is more of a sci-fi flash fiction piece than horror.

Waiting For Darkness is creepy AF.

All of these stories focus more on the monsters which mess with our heads, rather than physical horror.

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