Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Terror: Finders Keepers

The Keeper
by Luke Delaney
560 pages
$6.50 Kindle version
Within the first ten pages of The Keeper by Luke Delaney, readers will find themselves ensnared within a shocking and terrifying suspense thriller. The simplistic way in which Louise Russell is snatched from her home by Thomas Keller, only to wake up naked in a cage, is more nerve-wracking than a brutal and bloody assault...because monsters rarely look like monsters and they strike when their victims are least likely to expect to be attacked. Knowing that time is running out for Louise is almost as painful to bear as the torture inflicted upon her by her captor.

The main POVs come from Detective Sean Corrigan, the perpetrator Thomas Keller and the victim Louise Russell; there are a few other minor POVs that offer a great deal of insight into the main characters. However, Delaney doesn't reveal the source of Keller's behavior until the very end. Readers must follow the bread crumbs along with Corrigan.

There were sections of the book where the descriptions seemed to be dragging on, and the conversations between characters seemed a bit forced, but the novel held my attention from beginning to end. The epilogue made me realize that Corrigan is a character from a series; unfortunately, this detail has been left out of the marketing in the US.

I don't understand why publishers think they have to use different book covers and descriptions for the UK & US. This author would probably do much better in the US if the marketing mentioned that this is part of a series. I had no idea this is "Book 2" until I went to the Amazon UK site.

If you were an author of a series, wouldn't you want readers to know that fact?

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