Thursday, June 1, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Chris Ringler

Noches De Corazones Negros (story is written in English) is my favorite anthology by Michigan's own Chris Ringler. The author has a real talent for flash fiction, and knows how to change up his writing style, so each story stands out in its own terrifying way. 

Some stories feature real-life horror, while other have a supernatural element to them. The mini-series of flash stories centered on some trapdoors and creepy crawlies was a great way to divide up the sections.

Here is a brief rundown of stories:

Feb 8 - evil minions out of control
Little Mean Things - felt sorry for the creature
Weapon - STD revenge
Hero - vigilante fails
Apr - sequel to Feb 8
My Dark Things - tied into the trapdoor stories
With Love, Pestilence - Edgar Alan Poe-ish
Redscore - righting a wrong 6 yrs later
Lesser Demons - GREAT Halloween tale
SafeWord - loved the twist with predator & prey
Oct - continues trapdoor series
Consumption - crazy ex-girlfriend
Vile - most disturbing story in collection
Oct - last entry of the trapdoor mini-saga

I also encourage readers to check out Ringler's This Beautiful Darkness.

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