Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Supernatural Science Fiction

Six strangers find themselves on a subway train that seems to have no destination. Defying logic and reason, this train has no beginning and no end. These six strangers will find themselves pushed to the limits, overcoming fear and suspicion of their fellow passengers as they attempt to explain the unexplainable circumstances of being trapped on an endless train while trying to find a way off before it's too late. It's a train ride they'll never forget, if they survive.

The Last Stop by Matthew Hanover is a weird tale about a group of people trapped on a moving train. The reactions of the passengers are believable for that situation, with realistic dialogue and intense interactions between the characters. The various theories tested by the group kept me hooked, even though the setting is a single train car. The references to The Twilight Zone is a fantastic touch.

If the author can be this creative with just a short story, I'd love to read a novel written in this style.

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