Monday, May 28, 2018

A Rose By Any Other Name

Before the attacks, Rose’s life was simple.

Before there was mass violence in America, she was a university student in Liverpool.

Before her roommate was savagely attacked, she wanted to make the world a better place.

That was before the zombie outbreak.

Now, Rose and her best friend Lyra are forced to flee their flat and find refuge onboard a yacht with a group of armed survivors. Although safety seems likely on the open sea, it’s only a matter of time before a new outbreak occurs.

First Light by Kody Boye is Book 1 in The Daylight Cycle Series. The story is told from Rose's POV, giving readers the personal experience of survival across two continents and one ocean. Her quest to feel safe takes her farther away from everyone and everything she's ever known, and Rose suffers a great deal mentally and physically, even when she isn't fighting for her life. The author does an excellent job of detailing the main character's progressive PTSD, as well as the way her inner struggle complicates her interactions with other survivors.

Rose is someone I can respect, but Lyra is another story. I am not happy with the way she takes credit for keeping Rose alive, even when Rose is obviously capable of taking care of herself. Granted, the two young women needed each other to stay alive in their initial escape from Liverpool, but Rose appears to have a better grasp on their new reality than Lyra does. It's almost as if Lyra attempts to punish Rose for becoming independent and deciding to join the militia at Fort Hope.

Even though I am impressed with Rose's journey, literally and figuratively, I am concerned with her current attitude. I'm afraid she's going to create more problems for herself, if she doesn't get a grip on her emotions. Hopefully, she will find comfort in the key information revealed at the close of the first book.

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