Friday, May 25, 2018

This Is Not How It Works..

A plague has incapacitated humanity, spreading across the globe faster than it could ever possibly be contained. Almost overnight the world is awakened to a new reality and the realization that no one is safe, not a single living soul. 

As the virus takes control, humanity is brought crashing to its knees. The few left untouched fight frantically for their survival, even as they know their future no longer exists, doing the unimaginable at the brink of death.

Undead Winter by T.M. Williams is apparently a work in progress, being developed from a novella to a full-length novel, and really shouldn't have been released before it's finished. I think a lot of readers are going to be disappointed with the way this edition ends. Last but not least, I hope the completed novel will include another round of editing.

That said, the basis of this novel is an interesting twist on the zombie genre. There is such an abundance of undead stories, I appreciate any time an author is able to create something new, rather than regurgitate the same chewed up storylines. With ever-changing POVs and an overwhelming sense of despair, readers will feel as thought they are suffering alongside the characters.

Too bad this is an incomplete edition...

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