Sunday, May 27, 2018

Only Took Me Four Years

SPOILER WARNING: This review is for the fourth book in a series. I've tried to avoid revealing key details, but if you click on the author's name, you will find an interview with Harbinger as well as brief reviews of the first three books.

I've finally managed to read all four books in the Undead Rain series by Shaun Harbinger. I began the series in 2014, so I had to reread the first three. I've read hundreds of zombie stories over the years and I've seen a lot of repetition within the genre. However, this series has always managed to stand out, due to Harbinger's unique twist on the undead.

Wildfire, the fourth book in the series is the best one yet. I am so impressed with this series, I would love to see it become a television show. Alex is an outstanding character who has adapted both physically and mentally to his new reality. The hybrids are a thrilling way to amp up the danger factor. Last but not least, the effects of the vaccine on the various virus mutations creates several possible outcomes for all involved. Harbinger has thought of everything: horror, suspense, drama, mystery and even a touch of science fiction.

I feel sorry for Alex. While he still struggles in certain situations, he never half-asses anything, yet he's the one who often bears the brunt of everyone's frustration and anger. Anyone can be a hero when everything is going your way and everyone loves you, but Alex insists on doing the right things in the worst circumstances, often with others undermining him...a hero is the purest sense.

Even when he discovers the fate of his family, Alex decides to keep fighting. I'm excited for the fifth characters, a change in setting and the promise of a terrifying battle of species. I hope Harbinger doesn't go soft in the end.

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