Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sequel to The Wish Doll

In this, the sequel to "The Wish Doll" we meet John Bender, a veteran detective who thinks he has seen everything. But now he has this new case, a murder, and the suspect, Todd Forrester, has already admitted it to it-but now he claims it was all just a work of fiction. The story he tells is truly a bizarre one, he claims a "wish doll" grants wishes-at a price. 

John thinks he is full of it. He's seen head cases like this before. Or has he?

THE WISH DOLL: THE NEXT CHAPTER by Austin Grisham is the sequel to The Wish Doll, so don't read any further unless you've read the first story.

I didn't expect this story to be much different from the first one, but Grisham surprised me with one hell of a gut punch. I sincerely felt the ground drop away as I read the ending.

At this point, I think Grisham needs to do whatever is necessary to make The Wish Doll a movie. Horror fans are going to love this new sinister demon!

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