Saturday, April 13, 2019

Monster vs. Monster

It’s Halloween. For the residents of Denison Street that means face paint, costumes and swapping horror stories. Or at least it used to be. 

Last year Logan Conway went missing while Trick or Treating. The police have no clues, no suspects and no leads. 

Some say The Reaper Man did it. 

Others say he’s an old wive's tale. Logan’s mother, Jane, disagrees. So much so that she’s invited The Reaper Man back again.

TRICK OR TREAT by Jamie Stewart is an interesting twist on a classic monster. The story is told through the POV of two different mothers, one with a living son, one with a dead son. The discovery flashback is gruesome and heart-breaking.

This is more a revenge story than anything else, and Jane does not disappoint. I love how she took on the role of another classic horror character in order to make her final stand.

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