Tuesday, April 2, 2019

No Self-Respect

Means To An End: 
When one restless spirit meets an indifferent one: Tammy's boss, Vic, is a married guy who likes a little variety. Tammy's husband is never around. Vic may get more than he bargained for. Tammy may be in denial about her true nature, but who knows the truth for long?

The Stupid Train:
Lou's hurt, angry, and probably not the sharpest tool in the shed. One night he decides to even things out with those who betrayed him.

MEANS TO AN END AND STUPID TRAIN by Stephen A. North is another double feature by the author:

Means To An End is one of those stories which makes you wonder what in the hell the author was thinking when he wrote it. I was expecting some sort of twist, but the story is limp like Vic.

The Stupid Train is a story I read once before, but I don't remember the first impression I had. This time however, I felt nothing for Lou. He spends far too much time standing in the yard, throwing a pity party for himself. The author could've cut out most of it, and made this a flash fiction piece instead. The ending is so abrupt, I'm wondering, again, why North wrote this one.

Neither story is as good as North's other short stories, and I would hate for someone to form their opinion of the author's talent based on this duo. I can only assume North was working out some demons when he wrote these two.

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