Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Splattered With Horror

OUT OF THE CAVE created by MacKenzie Publishing is an anthology of stories by several talented authors:

Foreword by Steve Vernon - discusses how scary stories are good for kids

Preface by Cathy MacKenzie - mentions mix of fantasy, supernatural and suspense stories geared towards readers as young as 13

OUT OF THE CAVE by Cassandra Williams - young boy is determined to discover a troll (this legitimately freaked me out)

PROPER METHOD by Stephen Millard - a young man is given more responsibility on the family farm (this one is terrifying)

I WAIT by Chiara De Giorgi - teen runs away from home (ending is confusing)

BECOMING CLARISSA by A.W. Powers - great coming of age story

DANGER STREET by Rod Martinez - better than Tron (veggie scene made me LOL)

THE GRIP by Val Muller - horrifying curse (would make a great movie)

DOWN THE MYRTLE TREE by A.P. Sessler - exploring on Halloween night (sweet & sad)

TAKERS by Paul Stansbury - interesting folklore piece

THE LEGEND OF POUTINE by Randy Whittaker - another folklore story with an amusing ending

THE MONSTER OF BEINN LEITIR by Kristin Roahrig - horrifying folklore

BEARING WITNESS by Alan Kemister - should be required reading by teens (mind-blowing ending)

THE GRAVEDIGGER by Tom Robson - gruesome discovery

IN TENTS by Heron Greenesmith - my favorite story (needs to be made into a novel) *clever title*

THEY CAME FROM OGIJIMA by S.L. Kerns - very original (great descriptions)

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES by Kathy L. Price - a grisly tale

THE FOURTH FLOOR by E.F. Schraeder - very freaky (would love a full-length novel about the school)

NO DEEPER by Chantal Boudreau - terrifying Lovecraftian story

TIM AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD REANIMATED ANIMAL ATTACKS by Katherine Sanger - strange ending (left me wanting more)

THE STONE FOUNTAIN by Matthew D. Laing - spooky

MEASURED IN MINUTES by Jeff C. Stevenson - very different

BEAT WELL by Steve Vernon - damn, Steve...just, damn

This anthology deserves far more attention than it has received. Even though the stories are "safe" enough for young adult readers, the twists will entertain even the most seasoned readers. I recommend this one to all my viewers.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. TWO EYES OPEN is another antho compiled by me.