Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hell's Gates Look Inviting

AT HELL'S GATES: ORIGINS OF EVIL is the second volume of an effort to raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. I have already read volume one, and whatever method they are using to choose the stories, it's working well. There is something for every horror fan, including science fiction and fantasy subgenres mixed with classical horror elements, and, if you're not normally a fan of the horror genre, you will be after reading this anthology.

This particular volume had numerous stories bordering on the bizarro genre, so, once again, the volume is unique:

PULSE BY MARK TUFO is a fantastic thriller about a bug zapper, kind of like Borne Identity meets the SyFy channel.

COOKIES FOR THE GENTLEMAN BY C.T. PHIPPS is a dark and hopeless tale about an unwanted visitor.

BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY BY EVIN AGER introduces an Army MP with a Lovecraft-type of deployment.

HISTORY'S END BY FRANK TAYELL is proof that even the smartest person can make a really stupid mistake.

A MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE BY J. RUDOLPH is a sad zombie story that will tear your heart out.

PATIENT 63 BY STEVE KOPAS is one of my favorites; this is an excellent outbreak story.

TYRANNICAL ASCENSION BY SHANA FESTA is a twisted apocalypse story that I enjoyed a lot.

INK BY JAMES CRAWFORD is another favorite of mine about the dark meaning of a tattoo.

THE MAN WITH FOUR SCARS BY STEPHEN KOZENIEWSKI is Clan of the Cave Bear meets Night of the Comet, and is one of the very best stories in this volume.

DADDY'S GIRL BY IAN McCLELLAN caught me off-guard with the twist; well-written.


THE INFECTED BY SG LEE shows how a zombie virus is born.

FORGET ME NEVER BY SHARON STEVENSON tells the tale of a starlet's dark secret to success.

MIRAGE BY SEAN T. SMITH is a story that Ray Bradbury would be proud of.

THE MILLSTONE BY LESA KINNEY ANDERS is another favorite in this collection; it's one of the best vampire stories that I've ever read.

GENESIS BY KIT POWER is an intense thriller-prequel to the novel "Godbomb!"

LOCKDOWN BY TIM CALDWELL features a zombie outbreak at a school.

COLLECTION NIGHT BY CURREN GEIST is a gut-wrenching sci-fi story...a damn good one.

THE COLD BY DEVAN SAGLIANI is one of the most unusual stories in the entire anthology.

A DIFFERENT COCKTAIL BY CLAIRE C. RILEY is about a cult meeting that goes horribly wrong for one young man.

A SONG TO SING IN BABYON BY BOBBY METEVIER & MATTHEW BAUGH is very weird...told from a demonic POV.

THE GOUGER BY PAUL MANNERING is a brutal ending to a brutal anthology.

The variety and originality of the stories makes this a perfect gift for horror fans, while contributing to a good cause.

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