Monday, July 13, 2020

Undead Texas Slaughter

THE FALL OF AUSTIN by Bowie Ibarra is set in the zombie apocalypse of DOWN THE ROAD, but this novel is a stand-alone story. However, I do recommend reading the other two books which provide different perspectives to the horror unfolding across Texas. All three novels have a variety of characters, plenty of conflict among the survivors, and some of the most brutal action scenes I've ever read.

Of the three DTR books, this one is the most emotional. The contrast of heroes and villains is gut-wrenching, as Ibarra's undead onslaught brings out the best and worst in his characters. After following the bloody battles between the various survivor groups, the ending left me in tears.

I know years have passed since Ibarra wrote these books, but I would LOVE to have a novel centered on the two leaders of the southern exodus. PLEEEASE!!

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