Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tales of the Executioners, Book 1

Back in May 2017, I read Road to Darkness by Joleene Naylor. I decided to look for more short stories by the author, and I found a mini-series called Tales of the Executioners, set in the world of Amaranthine...

Aine: Another Complication As one of the newest, Aine gets the job nobody wants: arresting a vampire for breaking The Laws. As if everything going wrong wasn't bad enough, things are complicated when he discovers that his target has broken yet another one.

Aine: Another Complication by Joleene Naylor failed to impress me. For a vampire story, I expected some action, or, at the very least, some dark horror. Instead, this read more like a regular crime piece, aside from a mention here and there about the vampires' special talents. However, I enjoy Naylor's writing style and there is just enough to this story to get me interested in this mini-series.

Check back for my reviews of the remaining stories.

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