Friday, August 11, 2017

Tales of the Executioners, Book 6

From a mini-series, set in the world of Amaranthine...

Bren: In the Dark - Bren has a simple assignment - to deal with a coven who's killed too many locals. When he takes a victim's phone as a trophy, he becomes fascinated with the story of her death - almost too fascinated.

Bren by Joleene Naylor appears to be the sixth book, but, once again, there appears to be a discrepancy between the author's website and the book's description. The story is not really about Bren...rather, it's about the final moments of a victim killed by the coven he's tasked with punishing. I think the story would've had more of an impact if the format had been the actual text exchange between Trista, Robert and Bree. However, it is an interesting mix of social media and vampire activity.

Keep checking back for my reviews of the remaining stories.

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