Monday, August 14, 2017

Tales of the Executioners, Book 9

From a mini-series, set in the world of Amaranthine...

Daniel: Black Luck - Daniel and Kateesha are tasked with apprehending a murderous vampire, but all work and no play makes Kateesha bored. When she lures Daniel into neglecting their duty, he can guess his future: failure isn’t something The Guild takes lightly.

Daniel by Joleene Naylor is the latest installment in Tales of the Executioners. This story has a good mix of personal history, history of The Guild and history of the vampires in general.  The additional scenes with Clara and Malick add another layer to the mystery that is Kateesha. The ending surprised me...I think I have more respect for Daniel than most of the Executioners.

If you've been enjoying this mini-series, be sure to check the author's page for more stories set in the world of Amaranthine.

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