Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tales of the Executioners, Book 4

From a mini-series, set in the world of Amaranthine...

Beldren: What We Deserve- The year is 1687 in the fourth Tale of the Executioners. Beldren, a former indentured servant, suffers the same fate as many others of his kind - the promised land and money never materialized, despite having done their time. When Matthias suggest they take their due, Beldren is skeptical, but what else does he have to do? It's a choice he may live to regret.

Beldren by Joleene Naylor  feels more personal than any of the previous stories in the series. As opposed to the other executioners going through the motions, Beldren shows a lot of thought and insight. For some reason, I can't quite explain, I found Beldren to be more fascinating than the other executioners.

Keep checking back for my reviews of the remaining stories.

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