Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tales of the Executioners, Book 7

From a mini-series, set in the world of Amaranthine...

Lisiantha: Home for Christmas - After a bad breakup, Lisiantha returns to her rural coven. Dreading a run in with her ex, Josh, she soon has more important things to worry about: her master made a mistake and a warring coven wants her blood. Can Lisiantha and Josh find a way to save her – and maybe rekindle an old love in the process? Even vampires enjoy a Hallmark-style Christmas special.

Lisiantha by Jolene Naylor features a female Executioner for a change. The story actually takes place before Lisiantha becomes an Executioner. Unfortunately, the author decided to make this a love story, which resulted in Lisiantha appearing rather weak. It's as if she can't stand on her own without a mate. I would expect more self-confidence from a vampire who has been around as long as she has. It's really a shame Naylor departed from her usual writing style for this story.

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