Friday, March 9, 2018

Saturday Shorts: Thomas Tessler

Remorseless by Thomas Tessler is a collection of short stories and flash fiction, featuring the rotten things people do to one another:

BACK IN MY ARMS I WANT YOU is a story told from the POV of an abusive ex-boyfriend.

PREMATURE NOXIA is an unusual tale about voyeurism.

THE INN OF DISTANT SORROWS appears to involve a doppelganger.

IN THE SAND HILLS is a bit of bizarro fiction.

FOR NO ONE...succubus?

IF YOU SEE ME SAY HELLO is favorite.

GOO GIRL is one hell of a white out.

CLUB SAUDADE centers on a struggling musician.

SOMETHING SMALL AND GRAY AND QUICK triggered one of my phobias.

THE WOMAN IN THE CLUB CAR has the look of deliberate misdirection.

THE GOD THING is not for the squeamish.

FINE UNTIL YOU CALLED should be avoided by hypochondriacs.

THE VENTRILOQUIST is the ultimate self-destruction.

10-31-2001 is a flash of evil.

THE INFESTATION AT RALLS features Van Helsing.

Unfortunately, only one story stood out...the rest were interesting, but not really thrilling or terrifying...mostly just people being ugly.

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