Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Survival: Owner's Apocalypse Manual

The Zombie Survival Manual by Sean T. Page is very detailed without being overwhelming. Many other survival books are so difficult to get through, it would be easier to take on an undead horde with your bare hands. This manual is much easier to navigate.
It’s entertaining without lowering itself to cheesy humor. It’s like a cross between an RPG guide and an Ology book (ex: Dragonology). There’s even a test at the end, and a couple of certificates that you can hang up in your doomsday shelter.
Last but not least, Sean Page is not someone jumping on the zombie bandwagon. He is an excellent horror writer, but his specialty is writing survival manuals. He has created a sub-genre of his very own. Check out his Alien Invasion Owners’ Resistance Manual, if you require more proof. Page ALWAYS does an incredible amount of research for his books.
There is a strong British influence within this book, but it is applicable to most countries. I definitely recommend Page’s manual to my fellow zombiephiles, regardless of your Z-plan.
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