Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Grand Finale [When They Came Trilogy]

When They Fell by Kody Boye is the third book in his alien invasion trilogy, which includes When They Came and When They Saw. The story begins where the second one left off, with Asha asking "Are you okay?" over and over and over. I can't even get into this installment without first emphasizing how much I looked forward to watching her die or get her tongue cut out, or something...anything to get her to shut the hell up. While Asha's skill with a rifle improved over time, her social skills did not.

Aliens have been raining hell on Earth for about seven years, with all manner of death and dismemberment, while survivors find themselves fighting each other as well as the invaders. Yet, Asha feels compelled to question the well-being of Ana Mia every five damn minutes. Her brilliant contribution to the war is to ask through out ALL THREE BOOKS, "Are you okay?" because, you know, she cares so much.

Not much has changed for Ana Mia. Not only does she have Dr. Phil for a girlfriend, but she is continually abused by the human survivors. They force her to use her special gift to lure the enemy into various traps, put her into life and death situations, and then accuse her of being a traitor because she used her gift. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. As if that isn't bad enough, Ana Mia is like a walking kiss of death, with her loved ones dying left and right.

Her alien contact, Grayson, appears to have his own agenda in this war, passing messages to Ana Mia about the alien Queen. Since she can't even trust her human companions, Ana Mia has given up on the idea of peace for either species. She has accepted her way of life will always be fighting, which is exactly what she does...right to the very end.

Anyone who is a fan of the TV series Falling Skies will appreciate the detail Kody Boye puts into the continued suffering of his characters. I'd love to see this trilogy optioned into a movie.

I am such a huge fan of Kody Boye's writing style, I plan on reviewing another one of his book series in April.

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