Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sci-Fi Sunday: Abandon All Hope

Deep Space Dead by Edward Chilvers is an entertaining mix of horror and science fiction. I expected a story about zombies in space, but this novella is so much more. Not only is there a brutal loss of one colony, but the second attempt also fails as the colonists deal with alien mutants, food shortages, rioting and betrayal. In addition to the tragedy in the community, the main characters are struggling with failed relationships and family drama on a personal level. Difficult decisions have to be made and all of them will cost more lives.

I'm satisfied with the ending if this is a stand-alone, but Chilvers could continue the storyline into another book if he wanted to. I would definitely look forward to reading more about Hearthstone...perhaps the next story could be told from Guya's point of view?

I'm moving on from short stories to the full-length novels on both my request list and my personal reading list, but I've been struggling to find time to write reviews. I'm hoping I can catch up on posting this week.

I can't stand to admit this, but I have authors who have been waiting over a year for review requests. However, I'm determined to catch up on all the new sequels for each series in my collections for each genre.

Keep checking back!

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