Friday, December 6, 2019

Hiking Into Hell

BIGFOOT TRAIL by Eric S Brown blends folklore and the supernatural into this brutal battle, setting this story apart from others in this crypto genre. The author immediately begins with the slaughter of some campers, following up with forest rangers, hikers and more, leaving readers to wonder if anyone will make it out of the woods alive.

If you're looking for deep characters or complicated storylines, move along. This is written for action fans who appreciate all the different ways Bigfoot can destroy anyone foolish enough to enter the forest of death.

I also recommend reading Brown's HUNTERS, as well.

As always,


  1. I had started reading Eric with Season of Rot and then a bunch of his Werewolf tales (A Pack of Wolves, Wolves of War: An Anthology of Werewolves (as editor)) then into the Kraken series. I know my man loves his cryptids and maybe even keeps a sasquatch in his yard but until there is proof otherwise, that is what I will go with :)