Saturday, December 7, 2019

When Fiction Is Prophetic

In a future uncomfortably close to the present day, the apocalypse has surpassed all expectations. Hideous demons roam the streets in an orgy of terror, drawing pleasure from torturing humans as sadistically as possible. Ira, a young San Francisco artist, becomes involved with a strange group of scientists and philosophers desperately trying to end the bloody siege. But the most shocking revelation is yet to come...

DEMONS by John Shirley is a book I've read more than once, and I've enjoyed this story every time. I don't understand why this novel bombed with horror fans when first released. I've always felt Shirley created an amazing origins story for the demons. Many readers complained about the mix of comedy and horror, and I can't help but wonder if they actually read the book or just skimmed through it because there's nothing funny about seven clans of demons terrorizing the planet. When the source of the demonic invasion is revealed, the author uses a metaphysical twist to expose the worst humanity has to offer. Just imagine if a group like the Illuminati were Cthulhu worshippers.

This novel is two books bound together. The second part takes place nine years after the first one, with most everyone in denial about what happened around the world. Unfortunately, another group is making a new attempt to allow the demons back into our world, using pesticides to induce a mass murder as a form of sacrifice. Some of the details are quite similar to real life events, giving Shirley's story the appearance of a prophetic warning.

If you enjoy horror movies such as Lord of Illusions or Hellraiser, you should give this novel a chance.

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