Monday, December 16, 2019

High Maintenance Werewolves

FULL MOON by Matt Shaw is one of the very best werewolf stories I've ever read. My main reason for loving this novel is the variety of characters. Usually this genre has the same stereotypical wolves and humans, but the author has created several interesting personalities among both groups. Shaw also brutalizes and exploits those same characters in his usual savage and shocking way.

Shaw's portrayal of the werewolves as self-entitled snobs is a rather refreshing change from the usual portrayal of uncontrollable beasts. The determination of the humans, although largely ineffective, is also far more entertaining than the self-pitying types. While the run/hunt is not an original horror concept, Shaw does a great job keeping readers tied down to the very last page.

I knew going into this, Full Moon is just the first book in a trilogy, and I can't wait to continue...I'm hoping maybe the priest will make an appearance...

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