Thursday, April 23, 2020

Into The Abyss

RETURN TO THE BLACK FARM by Elias Witherow is more character driven than the first book. Nick is threatened by one of the powers-that-be to put things right at The Farm, so he must take his life a second time. Many characters from Nick's previous visit to The Farm cross paths with him again, and no one seems happy to see him. Many want him dead. Essentially, everything which draws breath wants to make Nick suffer and die.

In order to complete his task, and save his loved ones, Nick must join forces with Danny. The enigmatic Suicidal coordinator proves to be a much more complex personality, and I would love a third installment focused solely on The Pig's spokesman. I'd like to think Danny is the key to reforming The Black Farm for Suicidals, as well as the Pig Born.

For some reason, the ending didn't surprise me. I'm good with the way Nick's storyline worked out, but I really don't want the series to end with him. Danny deserves his own book, after everything he went through with Nick.

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