Saturday, April 25, 2020

Third Time's The Charm is the third time I've read Means To An End and The Stupid Train by Stephen A. North (have a look). To his credit, the author has reworked the two stories based on some harsh criticism from yours truly. I have to admit, MEANS TO AN END is much better this time around. I love how Vic didn't realize Mark came first, literally and figuratively.

My issue with THE STUPID TRAIN was always the ending. I always felt Lou deserved better. Not necessarily a happy ending exactly, just something better. I dig the new ending, and I wouldn't say no to another Lou story. Maybe he should meet Tammy? (I would definitely pay to read that encounter.)

FORGOTTEN and NOBODY'S HERO are North's most recent short stories. FORGOTTEN caught me off guard: nothing supernatural. Yet, somehow, the story kept me enthralled from beginning to end. The author has always had a flair for well-developed characters and settings.

NOBODY'S HERO also has a sharp hook with a surprise ending. As much as I enjoy North's horror and sci-fi, his drama has really impressed me this round.

Stephen A. North is one of the few authors who can create something captivating in multiple genres.

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