Friday, January 3, 2020

Ever Changing Loyalty

RADIATE by C.A. Higgins is the final book in the sci-fi trilogy, and begins by jumping back in time to the moment Mattie rescued Ivan from Ananke, with help from the ship herself. The backward and forward time shifts continue throughout the novel, which is extremely annoying, considering how the three installments already overlap one another (especially SUPERNOVA and RADIATE).

Basically, LIGHTLESS centers on Althea and Ananke, SUPERNOVA centers on the Mallt-y-Nos and the Wild Hunt, and RADIATE centers on Ivan and Mattie, with the same events retold over and over, from the POV of the corresponding characters in each book. While I enjoy experiencing the storyline through so many different perspectives, the constant switching between past and present weakened the effectiveness of rotating the viewpoints.

As far as I'm concerned, Ivan and Mattie are the true stars of the trilogy. Their relationship makes the strongest impression, and I love how the trilogy essentially begins and ends with those two. While I think the last flashback is an excellent touch, I really want more closure for Ivan, Mattie and the other survivors. Crazy as it may sound, especially after the way I criticized the second book, I would love a compilation of short stories told from the POVs of the supporting characters such as Anji, Christoph, Julian, Arawn and Marisol.

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