Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Written In Blood

THE PEN NAME by David Jacob Knight is traditional horror without the excessive gore, a collaboration of two gifted authors who both have the ability to work well with different sub-genres of horror, and appeal to a variety of readers. This novel provides some realistic dark fiction, inducing paranoia among the literary community with this frightening tale of a publishing company which steals souls.

The aspect which really makes THE PEN NAME an entertaining read for me is the detail put into the characters' personalities. I felt very emotionally invested in the fate of Ben Little and his family, after his rash decision made in a desperate attempt to provide financially for his family. I often found myself yelling at Ben...whenever I get so disgusted with a character's decisions and actions, it's usually a good sign I'm lost deep in the plot.

The ending is particularly creative, as well as unexpected. This is a nice break from the usual horror fiction I read.

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