Thursday, January 2, 2020

Space Battle Lacking Action

SUPERNOVA by C.A. Higgins begins with a flashback which takes place six months before the events at the end of LIGHTLESS, offering some insight into a terrorist attack by the Mallt-y-Nos against the System. While the story quickly returns to Althea and Ananke, alone with a ship full of corpses, the author continues to alternate between past and present events, throughout the rest of the story in an attempt to reveal the various personal relationships between the resistance fighters.

Periodically, readers are shown the interactions between Althea and Ananke, which are growing progressively more hostile on both sides. However, the majority of the novel is centered on the Huntress and her army. Her plans are unraveling, and many factions are rising up in place of the disposed System.

The result is a science fiction drama, rather than a sci-fi thriller. There is very little action, even though there is an ongoing battle involving multiple planets and moons. Anyone not impressed with the first book will likely be even more disappointed by this sequel. Ivan is the only likeable character at this point. I will finish reading this trilogy, but I don't expect the storyline to improve.

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