Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Favorite Monster??

October is easily my most favorite month. The weather is cooling down, the insects are dying, and the Autumn colors come out. Of course, October also has my favorite holiday: Halloween. What better way to celebrate than to dive into the horror genre? This week we will begin with the monsters.

I remember a time when the most popular creatures were vampires, mummies and zombies. Over time, all three have evolved in so many different ways, there are no set rules, making many horror stories unpredictable in the most savage and entertaining ways. "Preternatural" has become its own subgenre, with cross-breeding between the various species, including fae (ex: BLOOD series by Ruth Miranda).

We have also witnessed the urban legends, such as Bigfoot, become one of the top killers of both humans and other predators. For example, HUNTERS by Eric S. Brown, which features a battle between two famous forest fiends. Another great twist on a legend is NIKOLIS COLE by Richard Black, centered on a headless horsemen who hunts down street thugs.

Many others have broken into horror from science fiction and crime drama, and twisted entire communities into a monster mash. K.B. Knight has put the town of Greenwood through hell in his series with aliens, hauntings and, coming soon, a serial killer. Lori Titus has created multiple nightmares within the town of Chrysalis. Other authors, such as Stephen A. North and Suzanne Robb, have abandoned the land and unleashed their monsters into the water.

Last but not least, are the stories which brought us new horror icons. Elias Witherow brought horror fans Tommy Taffy, who makes Freddy and Jason look like kittens. Kody Boye introduced readers to the Grays and their pets, and they aren't the kind you'll find in Area 51.

So, which monster is your favorite? Are you a fan of a classic creature or a new abomination?

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In order to win an autographed copy of Zombies Inside by Rebecca Besser and Courtney Rene (unfortunately, only signed by Besser), leave a comment on this post before October 5th. Tell us why you like a particular fiend. Someone will be randomly selected by horror author Ruth Miranda and the winner* will be announced on Sunday, October 6th.

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  1. Hope this isn’t a cop-out, but I think people make the best monsters ��‍♂️ Hope I win����

    1. Dammit. I’m not smart enough to make emojis.

    2. You could literally and figuratively say people make the best monsters. Get but by a werewolf? A zombie? A vampire?

      I think what makes people scary is how likely those fictional characters exist in real life. 😱

  2. I ususally prefer a super natural aspect to my monsters. There is the rare actor like Patrick Bateman or Otis from House of 1000 Corpses, but for me it will always be Ob. That character has stuck faceless in my mind for 1 and a half decades now. Evil and smart ass and a real winner. Keene got in to my head I guess.

    Chris "Scatoma" Wilks