Thursday, October 31, 2019

Flagg's First Appearance

Pretty sure everyone in the horror community is already familiar with Stephen King, either through his books or movies...and there are so many great stories from indie authors and small presses...I usually avoid reviewing authors who are world famous. However, I felt I should review at least one story from King, so I chose my favorite novel by the author.

THE EYES OF THE DRAGON by Stephen King is so incredibly different from the majority of his stories set in New England. This novel is largely fantasy-based, complete with an evil wizard by the name of Flagg (yes, THAT Flagg) in a medieval setting. In fact, many King fans are still unaware of this novel, even though a lot of material for the Dark Tower series originates from this storyline, as you will soon realize.

A mysterious narrator shares the tale of Delain, a kingdom thrown into dark years when King Roland is poisoned, and his eldest son Peter is accused of the murder. Of course, throughout Delain's downfall, the magician Flagg is behind the many deaths and increasing turmoil. Eventually the narrator reveals Flagg has been destroying kingdoms for centuries. (Any of this sounding familiar yet?)

While most of the book is devoted to Peter and his punishment resulting from Flagg's treachery, as well as the suffering of anyone who remains loyal to Peter, Roland's second son, Thomas, plays a pivotal role in more ways than one. When Flagg attempts to play one brother against the other, readers will soon realize there are some things a demon may never understand.

One of the best aspects of this novel is the way the personal relationships between characters are woven together. Even though they are tested and frayed, those relationships hold strong, and prove to be more powerful than any dark magic. There are many things to love about this novel, and, to this day, The Mist is the only King story I love nearly as much. Last I heard, Hulu is going to make a series based on this book.

This is the one Stephen King novel I can recommend to all readers ages 12 and up.

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