Sunday, October 6, 2019

Some Win, Some Lose

Ruth Miranda, author of the Blood Trilogy, has spoken, and she has chosen S.O. Bailey for our winner this week. (You can read the monster post and comments here.) I'll be giving away autographed books throughout the month. Check back every Monday to find out what the next contest and prize will be. There will also be horror reviews every day to help get you in the mood for Halloween. You'll find every kind of monster, here in the Lair.

Here's a trick or treat for readers:  UNDEAD IN VEGAS by Stephen A North is the author's latest release. North throws readers across a highway and straight into zombie hell. I had a difficult time feeling any sympathy for Wallace. His desire to please people trumped any common sense he could muster.

The level of denial among the characters is mind-blowing. Even if they couldn't accept a zombie outbreak happening, they could at least acknowledge something very bad is going down. I will give North bonus points for creating such realistic idiots.

The action is the best part of this story. Everything goes wrong for Wallace, which isn't much of a surprise, since his decision-making leaves something to be desired. The ending made me roll my eyes.

I love the Dead Tide series by North, and he's written some great short stories, such as Like A Man and Purchase Order #2113-21A, but I'm not impressed with this novella. I'd really like to see the author return to his original writing style, or try his hand with more sci-fi themes. To be blunt, I'm tired of the broken-down ex-husband characters.

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