Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Man of Colours

Addison Inquisitor awoke on the island with only the clothes on his back and a pack with a few days of supplies. Suffering from amnesia he desperately wants to find who he is and where he belongs. With the aid of a curious service robot, he begins to explore the island and also try to learn the truth about himself.

What he finds is nothing he would ever expect...

A MAN LIKE ME by Austin Grisham took me on an emotional ride. I felt sorry for Addison being stranded, elated when he discovered Andy, and excited as they appeared to form a genuine bond. When the true nature of Addison's plight is revealed, the ending impressed me beyond words.

I would love for Grisham to revisit this story and expand this piece into a novella or full-length novel. At the very least, I would love a sequel.

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