Sunday, March 31, 2019

Powerful and Captivating

Two men awake within the confines of an electrified chain-link fence. Machine guns point at them from every direction. Fanged beasts stalk the outside. An hourglass shows they're running out of time. They have no idea why they're here.

CONDUCTORS by Joshua Scribner is food for thought, soup for the soul, and incredibly captivating. The psychological element is intense and the emotional aspect had me in tears. While this story is not like Scribner's usual pieces of horror, this is certainly one of his best.

I usually try to limit reviewing an author to once a month, but there are many Scribner stories I haven't read yet. The author just released several more this month, so expect to see a lot more of Joshua Scribner in the Lair this year.

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